Tuesday, 21 February 2012

in the park!!!!

sheer shirt- ebay jumper- gifted How you all doing? I can tell you how i am doing today- CRAP!! :-( SAD i got cold flu and so i have been suffering from running nose and you know how it feels in this condition!!! And also I am so freggin tired today!!!!! was out all day with my friends and snapped few pics while returnin back home in this beautiful park!:-) I also have a confession to make- i literally suck at giving poses in front of camera!!Lol!!! I was laughing seeing my own pics to be honest!!And so i dint have much pics to share you. My day didnt turn up well!!!:-( Okey now i just wanna talk about this simple look ...as you also know how much the collar and the jumper trend is ruling all around!!!And i also wanted to try this out!!! Hope you gonna like it!!! !! Do enjoy the pics! I will c u on my next post!! xoxo Safe!!

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