Tuesday, 21 February 2012

in the park!!!!

sheer shirt- ebay jumper- gifted How you all doing? I can tell you how i am doing today- CRAP!! :-( SAD i got cold flu and so i have been suffering from running nose and you know how it feels in this condition!!! And also I am so freggin tired today!!!!! was out all day with my friends and snapped few pics while returnin back home in this beautiful park!:-) I also have a confession to make- i literally suck at giving poses in front of camera!!Lol!!! I was laughing seeing my own pics to be honest!!And so i dint have much pics to share you. My day didnt turn up well!!!:-( Okey now i just wanna talk about this simple look ...as you also know how much the collar and the jumper trend is ruling all around!!!And i also wanted to try this out!!! Hope you gonna like it!!! !! Do enjoy the pics! I will c u on my next post!! xoxo Safe!!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

studs and dots!!!!

leather gilet- Gifted, crop top- ebay+ DIY, shorts- charity shop + DIY,Boots- Primark,Hat- f21 I've been a little busy...but now its about time now for the new post.^_^ I snapped this outfit few days before. It had been such a long time since I wanted to have studded shorts but never found the good 1 and my love for studs din't show any sign to fed away and finally decided to do it myself.Yeah, I restyled this white shorts myself adding the studs..well n it turned up pretty good.The other day I paired it with my crop top and leather gilet gifted by my friend Prajoswi.^_^ and went out with my friends.I hope you like the combination of polka dots and studs. I have got my early shift tomorrow so need to go bed now!! Hope you all are doing good. I will see you on the next post! safe! xoxo

studs and dots

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Revlon colorstay foundation review

I often find very hard to find the foundation that matches my skin tone.I always want to go for the foundation that makes my skin look flawless and is longlasting!!!This revlon colourstay foundation is good on my opinion.I started using this foundation about a month ago and instantly fell in love. The foundation gives great coverage and doesn't feel heavy. i use the one for normal/dry skin in the shade 320'true beige'.I find it quite thick, but thats fine because it gives pretty full coverage and doesnt look like caked on..Also, as the foundation is full coverage it covers up the redness around my nose and cheeks! I payed £11.99 for the foundation which in my opinion is good value. If i have to choose one negative point then,as this foundation is quite thick so application is hard because you need to work quick with it or it'll dry up on your skin.It will be easier to apply foundation if you put the foundation primer first which i always do . Without it, it's hard to even out the foundation, it looks streaky. You need to blend it really well and also it doesn't come up with the pump which i think is the another negative point!!The bottle has an open top so whenever i try to pour it on the bristles of my foundation brush it puts too much and i always end up wasting the foundation. Over all this foundation is good and i wouldnt consider it too much of a problem for not having the pump on the bottle coz all i care is about the coverage it gives,the finish which is really natural and it literally lasts very long!!!! So I am definitely gonna buy it again and would recommend you the same!!
much love!!! xoxo

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

2nd outfit post!!!!!

Lion printed t-shirt- Primark tan skinny- H&M Cardi- thirft store boots- Primark jwellery- Claires + DIY Bag- Primark Hey Guys!!! this is my 2nd post! since m a new blogger i dont have much idea about how to use the blog..LOL...:-d..Nyway hopefully i will also have some followers soon. umm I've been wondering a lot what i could do to kill the time as these days i hav got no school and m only doing a part time job! And u don't know how many hours i have wasted in facebook and youtube.so i thought bloggin might be interesting and probably worth a try and yeah this is what i came up wiv (another outfit post)^_*!!!So now onward i will be writing and updating my blog just in hope of organizing my thoughts and keep myself busy enough. much love!! xoxo

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